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Simple interest is an accrual method. Interest accrues on a daily basis on the unpaid principal balance on the account. Each payment you make will first pay down any accrued interest, then the rest will apply to the principal and any applicable fees. You can calculate simple interest by multiplying the daily interest rate by the principal by the number of days that elapse between payments.

As a Cadillac owner, it’s important to take a moment to review your Cadillac Financial retail installment contract and learn more about the interest that accrues daily on the principal balance of your Cadillac.

Need more information on understanding your simple interest contract or to prequalify for another Cadillac? See our most frequently asked questions below, or message Cadillac Financial today and let us know how we can assist.


Simple interest is a method for calculating interest accrual. Interest accrues daily on the unpaid principal balance. The interest charge is always based on the principal, and interest on interest is not charged. For more about simple interest and its impact on your contract, download our simple interest fact sheet. 

Per diem (“per day”) refers to the amount of interest that accrues daily based on the outstanding principal balance at that time and the interest rate on the contract. At the beginning of the contract, your per diem is higher because your balance is higher. As your principal decreases over the life of your contract, your per diem will also go down. To calculate interest per diem or daily interest, divide your annual interest by the number of days in a year or use our simple interest worksheet. 

Depending on whether you make your payments on time, late or early, the final installment amount owed at your maturity date can vary. Our simple interest fact sheet explains more about how payments are applied.

If monthly payments are made every month on the due date as detailed in the contract, the final payment due at maturity will likely be the same as what is listed as the final payment on the contract.

If payments are consistently made after the scheduled due date, the principal balance reduces at a slower rate and more interest can accrue. Therefore, the final payment can be more than the scheduled payment amount that is listed on your contract. Learn more by downloading our late payment fact sheet.

If monthly payments are consistently made prior to the scheduled due date, less interest accrues on the unpaid principal and the balance reduces faster. Therefore, the final payment may be less than the scheduled payment amount that is listed on your contract.

Payments are applied to accrued interest, past-due principal, current due principal, fees (other than late charges), late charges and future due payments in that order. It’s important to note that Cadillac Financial’s standard practice is to apply extra payments received to future due dates.

Any amount paid over your current amount due will be applied to future payments, which may include principal and interest, assuming the account is current and there are no past-due payments, late charges or other unpaid charges owed on your account. Each payment, regardless of the amount, is applied this way automatically, so you can make your payments as usual, including any extra amount you choose.

We don’t currently offer a principal-only payment option. Therefore, when you pay more than your monthly payment, depending on your payment history, your billing statement may show that your next payment due is for less than the scheduled amount, or it may show that your next payment is not due until a later future date. Even though your billing statement may reflect that you owe less than the full monthly scheduled payment, you may choose to pay the scheduled payment amount or more than the scheduled amount. Or you may pay the reduced amount shown in the billing statement, depending on what your goals are.

If monthly payments are consistently made prior to the scheduled due date or more than the amount due is paid, less interest accrues on the unpaid principal. Therefore, the final payment may be less than the scheduled payment amount listed on your contract and the account may be paid off sooner.

There isn’t a limit to the number of extra payments that can be made in a month. To check your payment, you can reach out to us in MyAccount or call us at 1-877-2CF-LUXE (1-877-223-5893).

*This does not apply to lease accounts.

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