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Whatever You Need. We Are Here.

As a Cadillac Financial client, you deserve an exceptional experience tailored to your unique needs.

We’ve designed our services with you in mind. Manage your account and connect with your dedicated Concierge team with ease. Everything you need is a click away.

Get More With Cadillac Financial MyAccount

Discover the benefits of Cadillac Financial MyAccount. It’s your exclusive access to managing your account. You can make payments, chat with our Concierge team, manage your communication preferences and more, all in one convenient place.

Access MyAccount online or through the Cadillac Financial mobile app.


Where Is My Cadillac Financial Account Number?

Your account number can be found on your monthly billing statement or your welcome letter. New clients typically receive their welcome letter a couple of weeks after purchasing or leasing their vehicle.

Things To Know

  • We create your Cadillac Financial account as soon as the financing process is completed with your dealer.
  • To keep things moving, please provide any additional information requested by your dealer when you sign.
  • Questions? Contact your dealership or email for assistance.

What Are My Payment Options?

The fastest and easiest way to pay is by using MyAccount online or through the Cadillac Financial mobile app. Find a payment method that works best for your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have several options; sending a message through MyAccount may be most convenient for you. If you’re logged in, we immediately know who you are and can answer your questions promptly during business hours. Message our concierge team online or through the Cadillac Financial mobile app.

Call 1-877-223-5893 (877-2CF-LUXE) to speak with a concierge.

Connect With Us

Yes, you will be able to access your accounts through both Cadillac Financial and GM Financial.

All Cadillac lessees originating from a Cadillac dealership should have access to Cadillac Financial. If you financed, your Cadillac must be new or certified pre-owned from a Cadillac dealership. Connect with our dedicated Concierge Team if you are having issues accessing your account.

Connect With Us

Cadillac Financial currently doesn’t offer an option to make a principal-only payment. If you pay more than your monthly payment (depending on your payment history), your billing statement may show that your next payment amount is less than the scheduled amount, or it may show that your next payment is not due until a later future date. Even though your billing statement may reflect that you owe less than the full monthly scheduled payment, you may choose to pay the scheduled payment amount or more than the scheduled amount. Or, you can pay the reduced amount shown in the billing statement, depending on your goals. If you'd like to pay less interest or pay off your account sooner, you can always pay more than what’s reflected on your statement. If monthly payments are consistently made prior to the scheduled due date or more than the amount due is paid, less interest accrues on the unpaid principal. Therefore, the final payment may be less than the scheduled payment amount listed on your contract and the account may be paid off sooner.

There isn’t a limit to the number of extra payments that can be made per month. To check on your payment, chat with us in MyAccount or call the concierge team at 1-877-2CF-LUXE (1-877-223-5893). 1This does not apply to lease accounts.

How do I follow you on social media?

Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook. We share news about Cadillac Financial, MyAccount and more. We can also assist with questions you might have.

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