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Lease-End Options

Confidently finish your lease with convenient options.

Next Steps

Ready for something new? You may need to familiarize yourself with your lease contract, including lease terms and potential charges. Want to purchase your leased Cadillac? Start by logging in to MyAccount to get your lease purchase option price.

Your Options

Thinking about a new Cadillac or something else? The choice is yours.

Lease or Finance New

Explore current offers to find your next Cadillac.

Purchase Your Lease Vehicle

Discuss your options with your preferred Cadillac dealer.

Return Your Lease

Schedule a pre-return inspection with AutoVin, our third-party vendor 

Extend Your Lease

View our Frequently Asked Questions about a possible lease extention.

Loyalty Rewards

Cadillac Financial lessees may be charged a disposition fee after returning their Cadillac, which covers the cost of preparing a vehicle for resale.

As a way to say thank you, the disposition fee may be waived for customers who lease another Cadillac or GM vehicle. If a customer purchases a new Cadillac or GM vehicle at lease end, the disposition fee is not charged.

Pre-Return Inspection

A pre-return inspection is optional, but it’s a beneficial step to get ahead of possible repairs prior to returning your Cadillac. Scheduling a complimentary pre-return inspection to facilitate getting a new Cadillac at the end of your lease is a smooth process. Here are three advantages:

Complimentary Service

Cadillac Financial uses AutoVIN, our third-party vendor, to provide pre-return inspections. It’s a free service and can potentially save you money. You’ll get a condition report of your Cadillac prior to lease end.

Peace of Mind

An inspection can identify any wear you may be charged for at the end of your lease. From there, you can decide to either complete repairs or budget for additional charges when you turn in your Cadillac.

Convenient Scheduling   

Your pre-return inspection can take place at home, at work or at a Cadillac dealership. Have your VIN and Cadillac Financial account number nearby and schedule your appointment at Have questions? Message us in MyAccount.

Inspection Guidelines

Use these inspection guidelines to get ahead of repairs you may need to address before returning your Cadillac.

Pro Tip: Have your lease-end guideline tool, located in your lease-end brochure, handy for self-inspection.


  • Fewer than 4 dings (less than 2”) per panel
  • 1 dent (equal to or less than 4”) or 1 scratch (less than 6”) per panel
  • Cracked glass less than 1/2” in diameter

Exterior in good shape

  • 4 or more dings per panel
  • 1 dent over 4” or 1 scratch that is equal to or over 6” per panel
  • Cracked glass that is equal to or more than 1/2” in diameter, or spidered cracks

Exterior needs repair


  • Removable stains and minor carpet wear
  • Upholstery holes equal to or less than 1/8”
  • Tears equal to or less than 1/2”

Interior in good shape

  • Permanent stains
  • Upholstery holes more than 1/8”
  • Tears more than 1/2”

Interior needs repair

Tires & Wheels

  • Original manufacturer wheels
  • Undamaged tires with a minimum 4/32” tread1
  • Wheels with scratches or gouges equal to less than 3”
  • Manufacturer’s recommended tire size and speed rating, regardless of tire brand

1 Michelin Premier LTX tires with tread under 2/32” is considered excess wear.

  • Tires that are not of the same size and specifications as the original equipment (equal speed rating and, if applicable, self-seal or run-flat)
  • Tires that are mismatched
  • Wheels with scratches or gouges more than 3”
  • Tire tread under 4/32”


  • No missing equipment or broken parts
  • No missing vehicle keys or owner’s manual
  • No instrument panel warning lights or messages illuminated

Misc in good shape

  • Cracked headlights
  • Mechanical defects
  • Missing equipment, including keys and key fobs
  • Instrument panel warning lights or messages are illuminated

Misc needs repair


  • View your total mileage allowance on your lease agreement by logging in to MyAccount.

Turn In Your Cadillac

Before Returning Your Cadillac

Ensure you’re ready to return your Cadillac.

Convenient Returns

You will receive a check-in receipt and odometer statement when you return your Cadillac. Learn more about our check-in process.

After Returning Your Cadillac

Lease-End Liability Invoice

Expect to receive your Lease-End Liability Invoice up to 30-45 days after your Cadillac has been returned. 

Flexible Payment Options

Find the payment option that’s best for you or use My Cadillac Rewards points to pay your bill. Log in to MyAccount and click “Pay with Points.”

Waived Disposition Fee

Your disposition fee may be waived if you lease or finance a new Cadillac or GM vehicle at the lease end of your current Cadillac. Explore our current offers to find your next Cadillac.

Options to Consider

Find Answers

Access our Lease End Guide and FAQ to find answers to commonly asked lease-end questions.

Cadillac Lease End Guide

Get in Touch

If you have additional questions about your lease end or Lease-End Liability Invoice, contact your Concierge Team.

For an accelerated response, log in to MyAccount or use the Cadillac Financial mobile app for Android and iOS to message your Concierge Team.

Learn about other contact options.

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