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OnStar Insurance delivers

For more than 25 years, OnStar© has provided peace of mind through its embedded safety and security services. By using in-vehicle technology, OnStar Insurance offers personalized rates and rewards you for safe driving. OnStar Insurance offers auto and home coverage the way it should be: smart, personalized and easy.


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Drive with added confidence. OnStar Insurance protects your vehicle from the unexpected.


OnStar Insurance uses in-vehicle technology to reward safe driving, which means good drivers can save more.


Get coverage beyond the driveway. You can also get home insurance with OnStar Insurance. 


Auto insurance that’s smart, easy and personalized to you. Get a fast online quote today. 

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OnStar Insurance helps promote added peace of mind. Find confidence at home and behind the wheel. Get a fast online quote for auto or home coverage on the OnStar Insurance website or call 1-888-495-4674 today.

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