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When you chose Cadillac, you made superior craftmanship and performance a priority, not just in your choice of vehicle but as a way of life. Your financial choices deserve the same level of attention to detail. With Cadillac Financial, you have all the tools you need to navigate financing, leasing and the dealership experience from end to end.


Estimate your payment, loan amount and final installment with our calculators.

Estimate Monthly Payment

Determine your estimated monthly payment.

Estimate Loan Amount

Calculate your loan amount based on your desired monthly payment.

Estimate Final Payment

Calculate your final installment amount using principal and percentage rate information.

            MONEY MATTERS

Get deeper insights into your financial decisions with our Financial Articles curated for Cadillac customers.

Discover the benefits of Leasing and Financing an SUV

Jessica Llanes / 04/15/2024

Leasing vs. Financing a Luxury SUV

Discover the benefits of leasing or financing a Cadillac SUV, whether you’re owning your daily commute or taking the family on a summer road trip. Explore the advantages of each choice to match your lifestyle and financial goals.

Make Your Second Vehicle an EV

Jessica Llanes / 02/12/2024

The Electric Advantage – Make Your Second Auto an EV

Make your garage the ultimate hub of auto versatility by choosing an EV as your second car. We share four reasons why adding electric to your garage creates the ultimate power duo.

Cadillac LYRIQ Charging

Jessica Llanes / 08/31/2023

Maximize Your Cadillac EV Investment: Exploring the Clean Vehicle Tax Incentive

Your purchase of a new Cadillac LYRIQ may qualify for up to $7,500 in federal tax credit thanks to a recent expansion of eligible vehicles under the Inflation Reduction Act.


Credit Information

Download our credit brochure

Major Credit Bureaus

Up to 90% of top lenders use credit scores when making lending decisions. Each of the following credit bureaus collect information about your financial habits to generate a unique credit report.


Car-Shopping Resources

Kelley Blue Book
Cadillac Certified

Locate a Dealer

Locate your preferred Cadillac dealer in your area.

Prequalify Online

Save time by prequalifying for financing before you head to the dealership.

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