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Maximize Your Lease-End Options

If you are one of the many Cadillac Financial customers who lease, understanding your lease contract helps you make the best lease-end decision.

One of the phrases you may notice is “disposition fee.” Let's take a closer look at what the disposition fee is and why it may be important to you.

Understand the disposition fee

A disposition fee is charged by leasing companies to prepare a returned vehicle for sale at auction. All Cadillac Financial lease agreements include a disposition fee at lease end, it may be waived if you purchase or lease a new Cadillac or GM vehicle at lease end. If you choose to purchase, you will not be responsible for mileage, excess wear or disposition fee.

Capitalize on your lease-end opportunity

The disposition fee may be waived when you choose to finance or lease a Cadillac or GM vehicle at lease end:

  • Take advantage of your lease agreement purchase option and keep the Cadillac that already fits your luxury lifestyle. 
  • Turn in your current Cadillac and enjoy the exhilaration of a new one. Finance or lease a new Cadillac with your preferred dealer or special order a custom Cadillac.

If you have questions, visit our FAQ page or speak with your preferred Cadillac dealer.

Maximize Your Lease-End Options | Cadillac Financial

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