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Make Your Second Vehicle an EV

The Electric Advantage – Make Your Second Auto an EV

Are you thinking of adding a second (or third) vehicle to your household? Choosing electric for your next auto purchase or lease offers several financial and lifestyle benefits.

Ideally, you want your next auto to fill a household transportation gap. Whether it’s an energy-efficient commuter option, a spacious SUV with more passenger or cargo space, or a sports car for nights out, selecting the ideal “auto duo” to balance safety and efficiency with versatility need not be challenging.

While a gasoline-powered vehicle offers convenience for long or off-the-grid road trips, the EV steps in as an eco-friendly and energy-saving option for daily commutes and in-city excursions.

Here are the top four advantages of choosing electric for your next vehicle:

Dip your toe into EV life

Choosing electric for your second vehicle allows you to take advantage of the benefits without moving completely to an EV lifestyle all at once. Your primary vehicle serves as your familiar and convenient choice while you acquaint yourself with the at-home and public charging options that fit your lifestyle. Switch between your gas-powered and electric vehicle to adapt to whatever circumstances require.

Offset the costs of your primary vehicle

EV drivers spend about 60% less on power each year compared with the fuel expense of using gas-powered cars, according to a 2020 Consumer Reports study. Maintenance costs also tend to be lower for electric vehicles because they don’t need oil changes, transmission fluids, coolants, and other engine-related checks and replacements. Factory warranties on EVs also tend to be longer, typically eight years/100,000 miles.

Maximize EV rebates and incentives

In addition to the $5,000-$7,500 federal EV Tax Credit that may be available on qualifying new and used vehicles, many state and local governments are offering additional incentives to move to EV. Rebates on home chargers and off-hours electricity usage also are available in some areas. Incentives and rebates are constantly evolving as inventories grow and battery component requirements change, so there are no guarantees they will be available in the future.

Purchase for a teen in the household

For a new or younger driver, the EV offers peace-of-mind benefits for parents. In addition to saving on fuel and maintenance costs, a teen also benefits from the safety features associated with EV. Not only will your teen not be filling up at gas stations after dark, they may also benefit from the latest safety features of new EV technology.

In addition to the structural design (low center of gravity, instant torque and lack of combustible engine), EVs also have regenerative braking, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance, battery maintenance and advanced driver assistance systems.

Maximize the best of EV without sacrificing the convenience of another vehicle by including the ultimate power duo in your garage, and achieve a balanced driving experience that caters to both spontaneity and sustainability.

Jessica Llanes
By Jessica Llanes, Cadillac Financial

Jessica Llanes is an off-road adventurer, EV enthusiast and bon vivant raised in New Orleans. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys sharing a homecooked meal with friends, curling up with an Agatha Christie novel, or binge-watching classic episodes of Top Gear (or Top Chef).


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