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Discover the benefits of Leasing and Financing an SUV

Leasing vs. Financing a Luxury SUV

Is this the year you make the move into a Cadillac SUV? Deciding whether the XT5, Escalade or LYRIQ is right for you may seem like the harder choice, but the decision to lease or finance is also important because it impacts your pocketbook.

This guide will help you weigh the pros of leasing and financing an SUV, allowing you to make the best choice for your lifestyle and financial preferences.

Leasing: Embrace flexibility and luxury 


Upsize the vehicle, not the payment. Leasing a luxury SUV typically entails lower monthly payments compared to financing, allowing you to enjoy a high-end vehicle without the hefty price tag. Whether you’re taking clients to the golf course or carpooling your child’s soccer team, you won’t have to sacrifice size or quality.

Minimize the unexpected. Leasing often means driving under the manufacturer's warranty, reducing the burden of unexpected repairs and offering peace of mind if you have a new driver in the household.

Upgrade more often. Leasing can give you the flexibility to upgrade to a new luxury SUV every few years and embrace the latest technology, safety features and design advancements. For families with children, new models mean you never are behind the curve on entertainment options and safety advancements.

Free up vacation funds. The lower monthly payments associated with leasing combined with the improved fuel efficiency of newer SUV models can free up funds for travel and family trips, allowing you to explore new destinations without the worry of depreciation, long-term ownership commitments or costly fuel-ups.

Financing: Investing in long-term ownership


Consider the value of ownership. Financing an SUV allows you the opportunity to build positive equity in the vehicle at the end of the payment term, whether you decide to trade it in or pass it along to another driver in the household.

Freedom to go the distance. Unlike leasing, financing doesn’t impose mileage limits, offering more freedom for those with a long commute or who travel extensively. Financing can be best suited for families who enjoy long road trips or those carpooling a youth baseball team every weekend, without the concern of exceeding lease terms.

The ability to accessorize. Ownership allows you to modify and customize your luxury SUV to your exact preferences, something that's typically more restricted with a lease. From custom dog beds and specialized cargo storage to tailgating and skid plates, you can ensure your SUV is ready for whatever you have planned.

Prioritize sustainability. Many of the latest SUVs come with fuel-efficient (or EV) options, reducing the cost of long commutes and family road trips. Financing allows you to take your SUV on camping excursions, to the lake with your boat or ATV, or on any outdoor adventure without worrying about excess mileage or wear.

Making the decision: What's right for you?

When deciding whether to lease or finance your luxury SUV, consider your driving habits, financial goals, and long-term plans. If you value driving the latest models, prefer lower monthly payments and prioritize warranty coverage, leasing may be ideal. On the other hand, if you aim to build equity, desire the freedom to personalize your vehicle and plan to keep your Cadillac SUV for the long haul, financing could be more suitable. By carefully evaluating the benefits of each option with your dealer and sharing your personal priorities, you can confidently embark on your next Cadillac journey in an SUV. Prequalify now to get started.

Jessica Llanes
By Jessica Llanes, Cadillac Financial

Jessica Llanes is an off-road adventurer, EV enthusiast and bon vivant raised in New Orleans. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys sharing a homecooked meal with friends, curling up with an Agatha Christie novel, or binge-watching classic episodes of Top Gear (or Top Chef).


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