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someone unplugging a red Chevy Bolt

Electric Vehicles: 5 Things You Should Know

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly emerging as the future of driving. And whether you’ve driven gas-powered cars for decades or you’re up to date on all things tech, these are five benefits you should know about them.

  1. Driving Experience
    Get behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Bolt EV, and you’ll immediately notice a different feel to the car. Maybe most apparent is how silent it is. Forgoing a gas-powered engine, which inevitably makes noise when converting fuel to kinetic energy, makes for one of the quietest rides available.

    But it’s not just the silence that differentiates driving electric. Technology developments directly related to how you drive make the Bolt EV unlike most vehicles. They include:

    ·   One-pedal driving — a unique experience where you simply lift your foot off the accelerator to slow down or stop completely.
    ·   Regen on DemandTM — a steering wheel paddle that lets you slow down without using your brakes and helps convert the energy and transfer it to your battery, so you’ll maximize your range to get even more miles to the charge.

    Of course, you’ll want to use your brake pedal in the event that you need to stop immediately. These options simply provide another way to increase the efficiency of your vehicle.
  2. Finances
    Don’t let the potentially higher upfront cost of an EV blind you to the financial benefits of going electric.

    Opting for a fully electric car means you bypass the additional maintenance and fuel costs that accompany gas-powered engines. Depending on how much you drive, that alone could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.
  3. Charging
    Trips to the gas station are a regular occurrence for drivers of gas-powered cars. With EVs, though, you can say goodbye to gas stations and hello to at-home charging. And while there are myths about charging electric cars, it isn’t as complicated as it may appear.

    When picking out your home station, consider how much you are willing to spend. The higher-priced options will charge your vehicle more quickly and might be a better fit for your lifestyle. Some apartment and housing complexes even have complimentary charging stations, which means you’re driving on a full charge for next to nothing.

    Even better, the myChevrolet Mobile App offers Energy Assist to give you key information on your vehicle’s current charge, driving conditions and real-time weather to help you find the most efficient route. The app also helps you find the closest charging station, so you know where you can stop along the way.
  1. Distance
    Getting from point A to point B is the ultimate goal of transportation; however, the journey is often just as important as the destination.

    The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV makes it that much easier with up to 259 miles to the charge. With the average American commute being 16 miles each way, that’s a five-day workweek plus about 100 miles to play around with — on a single charge!

    Going on a longer trip? Be mindful of social distancing when planning your route. You can also map out charging stations to ensure you'll have enough juice to get to your final destination.
  2. Durability
    Investing in a vehicle is a big financial commitment, and you want to ensure it lasts. Electric vehicles have fewer components that could require maintenance, meaning you’ll avoid small upkeep expenses like oil changes.

    Plus, Chevrolet Complete Care covers the battery and electric components on the Bolt EV for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, giving you peace of mind behind the wheel.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, driving electric is an experience with a lot of benefits. While there’s still a lot left to learn, the future of transportation is here, and it’s exciting.

Allison Scott
By Allison Scott, GM Financial

Allison Scott stays plugged in to all things electric cars-related, and likes to balance it out by sharing a budgeting tip or two. When she's not working, you'll find her jamming out to John Mayer, cracking "dad jokes" or cheering on the Dallas Stars.


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