Question Is insurance required on my vehicle?

For retail customers, full coverage is required on your vehicle.

For lease customers, required coverage includes the following:

Question Where do I send proof of insurance to Cadillac Financial?

Finance customers, please send your proof of insurance to:

U.S.-Originated Accounts
Regular Mail
Cadillac Financial Insurance Service Center
P.O. Box 1617
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1617

Overnight Mail
Cadillac Financial C/O van Wagenen Financial
6483 City West Parkway
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Fax Number: 1-800-562-6148

Lease customers, please send your proof of insurance to:

U.S.-Originated Accounts
Regular Mail
ACAR Leasing Insurance Service Center
P.O. Box 398045
Minneapolis, MN 55439-8045
Fax Number 1-800-762-6357

Question How long will it take for my insurance check to Cadillac Financial to clear?

Ask your insurance company when they will send the check to Cadillac Financial. Once Cadillac Financial receives the insurance check, it can take three to five business days to process.

Question Is there a protection plan that covers the cost if my vehicle is totaled?

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) may help pay off your vehicle financing if your vehicle is totaled and your insurance pays less than what you owe.

Insurance companies declare a vehicle a total loss when damages cost more than its cash value, meaning it would cost more to repair the vehicle than it’s worth. A vehicle may also be deemed a total loss if it’s stolen and not recovered. After a total loss, the insurance company will pay what they determine the vehicle is worth.

GAP coverage is an ancillary product that could pay a portion up to the remainder of the balance owed, but it may not cover additional charges added to the account such as late fees or property tax. GAP coverage is optional and not required to obtain financing.

Question Can I get a refund if I paid before the insurance check was issued?

Total Loss: If there is an overage on the account after the insurance check is applied, a refund will be released within 15 business days.

Insurance Repair: Once repairs deemed necessary by the insurance company are completed and the required documents have been received and verified, a refund will be processed in three business days. The funds will be sent to the body shop repairing the vehicle unless proof that the repair bill has been paid is received by Cadillac Financial.